Spirited Beer

Spirited Beers

Spirited Beers

Rye Ask Rye

This concoction combines Templeton Rye Whiskey and Cane & Ebel Rye Ale by Two Brothers Brewing Co.

Instant Bourbon Stout

The hint of oak and vanilla flavors of Maker’s Mark is a welcome addition to the toasted character of dark malts and roasted barley in our Old No.38 Stout from North Coast Brewing Co. Truly, a great session spirited beer.

Voodoo Child

The smooth and crisp flavor of Hendrix Gin meets the big hop character, and surprise hint of malt from Modus Hoperandi IPA from SKA brewery.

The Angry Lion

You can’t handle the proof! This ferocious drink is made with Booker’s Small Batch Bourbon (127 proof) and LION Stout (8.8% ABV) from Sri Lanka. The smokiness of the bourbon and the sweetness of the stout make this a one of a kind pairing.

Ebony and Ivory

The beautiful marriage between Vodka and Stout. Stoli Vanilla joins the roasted malt and subtle dark chocolate flavors of Old No.38 Stout – perfect harmony.

The Black Eye Opener

This is for the black coffee enthusiast. The Patron X O Coffee Liqueur delivers the coffee essence accentuating the coffee roastiness of Old No. 38 Stout.

Purple Moon

Turn your Blue Moon into an instant Framboise. Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur and the Belgian White Ale capture the essence of a fruit beer with a delicate palate of raspberries and citrus undertones.

Lucy in the Sky

A “dose” of Italian lemon Liquer “hit” with a white ale to create an upscale & balanced Shandy. Perfect drinking for Chicago summers. The Diamonds are extra of course.