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Best Drink Specials for Logan Square

The Double Drink Specials

chalkboard of beer specials featured at the Double Urban Tavern

Best Craft Beer Bar for Logan Square Residents

The secret is out and the savvy residents of Logan Square know the best place for craft beers is The Double located at 3545 W Fullerton Ave. The Double carries only the finest selection of craft beers for the fine residents of Logan Square:

  • Draft Beer
  • IPAs & Pale Ales
  • Belgians & Belgian-esque
  • Wheat & Whites
  • Pilsner & Lagers
  • Amber & Brown Ales
  • Stouts & Porters
  • Dessert Beers
  • Trappist/Abbey
  • Bottles to Share
  • Light Beers

To see the full selection of the best craft beers Logan Square has to offer, take a look at the full beer menu. Our knowledgeable bartenders and servers are more than happy to assist in selecting a beer to suit your tastes.

logan squares number one bar the double

Logan Square Residents’ Favorite Spirited Beers

At The Double, we have a selection of quality spirited beers for our patrons to sample. Our spirited beer pairings are loved by our Logan Square customers and many say they are the best in Chicago. With drink names like Rye Ask Rye and Purple Moon, it’s worth it for residents of Logan Square to pop in and try Chicago’s top spirited beers.

Reviews for The Double

“Great neighborhood bar. Most consistent tavern I think I’ve ever been to. Great service, friendly bartenders and always a $4 draft beer special. Can watch the Bulls, Hawks and Cubs but without sound.”
-Patrick W.

“I celebrated my birthday at the Double in June. Henry is such a great guy, he let me bring my own food and prepared drinks to pair them with the type of food I had. My friends and I had a great time!
If you’re in a gluten free diet, you know how difficult is to go to bars and find gluten free beer. I (most have ciders or one gluten free beer) The Double has more than one gluten free option 😀 I love it!! Bartenders are super nice and polite..My favorite drink, eviation.”
-Jazzy M.

“This is my neighborhood bar and it’s pretty dope. Matt and Parker (the bartenders) remembered my birthday and Henry (the owner) is always amicable. I’m a college student so my funds are limited but if I have a few dollars to spend on a drink and a tip, I never regret spending it here!”
-Nishay B.

Specialty Cocktails Any Logan Square Resident Will Love

The Double’s specialty cocktails take well-known drinks and take them to the next level. Our bartenders combine the best liqueurs and mixers into delectable drink concoctions you won’t find anywhere else in the city. The specialty cocktails are one of the reasons that The Double is Logan Square resident’s favorite bars. Many residents of Logan Square say The Double is the best bar in Chicago. To view the specialty cocktails offered at The Double, click here.

best cocktails in chicago logan square's top bar

Logan Square Residents’ Best Bar for Spirits

At The Double, we know spirits and carry a selection of some of best spirits and liquors in Chicago. We make sure that our Logan Square customers are only sipping on the very best spirits on the market. Thanks to our excellent spirit offerings people from all over Chicago come to The Double to enjoy a drink or two. Our excellent collection of spirits includes:

  • Barrel Strength Spirits
  • Kentucky Bourbons
  • Single Malt Scotch
  • Irish Whiskey
  • Tennessee Whiskey & Others
  • Rye Whiskey

To see The Double’s full selection of spirits available to all Logan Square residents, click here.

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Monday: 6PM – 2AM
Tuesday: 6 PM – 2AM
Wednesday: 6PM – 2AM
Thursday: 6PM – 2AM
Friday: 6 PM – 2AM
Saturday: 6PM – 2AM
Sunday: 6PM – 2AM

The Double has the best customers!

The Double is so well known for its vast selection of quality beers and spirits that customers from many different Chicago neighborhoods flock to it. Some nearby neighborhoods include: