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The Double

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Best Drink Specials for Discerning Humboldt Park Residents

The Double Drink Specials

chalkboard of beer specials featured at the Double Urban Tavern

Best Craft Beer Bar for Humboldt Park Residents

At The Double, we know beer and we love craft beers. We carry a large selection of craft beers both bottled and on tap. Located at 3545 W Fullerton, The Double is perfectly located for Humboldt Park residents to stop by and enjoy a beer after a long of work. Along with our great selection of craft beers, we also have excellent bartenders who are knowledgeable on the beers and happy to assist in choosing the perfect one for you. We love when our guests from Humboldt Park come in after work for a craft beer and are always happy to help.

  • Draft Beer
  • IPAs & Pale Ales
  • Belgians & Belgian-esque
  • Wheat & Whites
  • Pilsner & Lagers
  • Amber & Brown Ales
  • Stouts & Porters
  • Dessert Beers
  • Trappist/Abbey
  • Bottles to Share
  • Light Beers

To see the full selection of the best craft beers The Double has to offer for residents of Humboldt Park, take a look at the full beer menu.

humboldt park's best craft beer bar, the double

Humboldt Park Residents’ Favorite Spirited Beers

If you are in the mood for a delicious beer with a kick The Double has an assortment of spirited beers to choose from. The Double’s spirited beer carefully combine one of our delectable craft beers with tasty spirit. We have many patrons come in from Humboldt Park to visit The Double and try our spirited beers.

To see the full list of spirited beers The Double has for Humboldt Park residents, click here.

humboldt park love the double's spirited beers

Reviews for The Double

“A beer cocktail? I’m intrigued, impressed and thoroughly satisfied. I ordered the Lucy in the Sky – it was a delightful Allagash White based cocktail with a fresh lemon rind floating on top. Sound delicious? It was.

I came with a gaggle of co-workers who were a little weary of the neighborhood, but they were all very impressed with both the bar and the neighborhood.

Bonus points: the dog in the bar!”
-Liz W.

“The Double is hands down my favorite bar in Chicago. An incredible selection of beers, good music, great people and yes, a puppy. What more could you want? If you haven’t given this place a try yet you’re doing yourself a great disservice. My suggestion? try the black eye opener.”
-Smidge T.

“The Double is what all liquor serving establishments should strive to be…period!

From Henry’s great service, to the seductive and cozy ambience, to the perfectly selected drink selection, “The Double” should have been called “The Blueprint”.

Now, if a true cocktail is your fancy, Henry is on point with his classic cocktails as well. Regardless of whether it is busy, Henry will take the time to make sure it is done right, which definitely takes some time and attention to detail.

As for the ambience, the most impressive thing about The Double, beside the varied music playlist, is that although there are three large flat screen TV’s, they are strategically placed high enough so that they do not interfere with the vibe nor your conversation, yet it can easily double as a sports bar. Hmmm…thus the reason for the name?? Not sure and I have yet to get it out of him.

For the dog lovers, Leroy will be an attraction, as he is always holding down the fort. For the non-dog lovers, they will quickly warm up to him, as he is harmless. That is, unless it is a woman who discreetly takes her shoes/sandals off at the bar only to later find them dug up behind the bar…and rightfully so!

As for Henry’s service…that you will have to experience for yourself.”
-Juan R.

Specialty Cocktails Any Humboldt Park Resident Will Love

If you enjoy a good cocktail, The Double is the best place to go. The bartenders at The Double mix a large assortment of traditional and specialty cocktails for patrons. Customers come from all over the city from Humboldt Park to Rogers Park to try one of The Double’s fantastic cocktails. For the best cocktails and mixed drinks in Chicago make sure to visit The Double. Many of The Double’s best customers come from Humboldt Park to enjoy one of our cocktails.

To see our excellent selection of cocktails click here.

chicago's best mixed drinks

Humboldt Park Residents’ Best Bar for Spirits

For our patrons who prefer their liquor and spirits straight The Double has the best selection of bourbon, scotch and whiskey throughout Chicago. If you prefer vodka, rum or any other liquor, The Double has you covered as well. With its large selection of top-shelf spirits and liquors, The Double is the number one bar for Humboldt Park bar goers. Not sure what to order? The bartenders are happy to help and will choose the perfect drink.

  • Barrel Strength Spirits
  • Kentucky Bourbons
  • Single Malt Scotch
  • Irish Whiskey
  • Tennessee Whiskey & Others
  • Rye Whiskey

To see The Double’s full selection of spirits available to all Humboldt Park residents, click here.


Monday: 6PM – 2AM
Tuesday: 6 PM – 2AM
Wednesday: 6PM – 2AM
Thursday: 6PM – 2AM
Friday: 6 PM – 2AM
Saturday: 6PM – 2AM
Sunday: 6PM – 2AM

The Double has the best customers!

The Double is so well known for its vast selection of quality beers and spirits that customers from many different Chicago neighborhoods flock to it. Some nearby neighborhoods include: