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The Double

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punk rockers,
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Best Drink Specials for Discerning Hermosa Residents

The Double Drink Specials

chalkboard of beer specials featured at the Double Urban Tavern

Best Craft Beer Bar for Hermosa Residents

Chicago brews some of the best craft beers in the nation and The Double makes sure to offer the top selection of local and other craft beers around. Our extensive selection of craft beers makes us a favorite stop of craft beer connoisseurs from the Hermosa neighborhood and other areas of Chicago. In addition to the best selection of craft beers in Chicago, our staff is quite knowledgeable on our offerings and is happy to assist patrons in choosing craft beers to sample. Our selection includes some of the best:

  • Draft Beer
  • IPAs & Pale Ales
  • Belgians & Belgian-esque
  • Wheat & Whites
  • Pilsner & Lagers
  • Amber & Brown Ales
  • Stouts & Porters
  • Dessert Beers
  • Trappist/Abbey
  • Bottles to Share
  • Light Beers

To see the full selection of the best craft beers The Double has to offer for residents of Hermosa, take a look at the full beer menu.

hermosa residents love the double and call it chicago's best bar

Hermosa Residents’ Favorite Spirited Beers

Our patrons from Hermosa love a good spirited beer and since we don’t like to disappoint our patrons, The Double offers an extensive collection of spirit beers. Each spirited beer consists of a carefully chosen craft beer paired with a liquor to enhance the taste. Hermosa residents love our spirited beers so much they come back time after time to try more. Next time you stop in be sure to try one of our spirited drinks, like The Black Eye Opener or Rye Ask Rye

To see the full list of spirited beers The Double has for Hermosa residents, click here.

the double carries chicago's best top spirited beers

Reviews for The Double

“Great neighborhood place. They always have an excellent offering of drafts available and they feature a different beer everyday, usually for $4. The music selection is diverse but well composed and there are just the right amount of flat screens.

If your in the area it’s more than worth your time to come in for a pint and pet the pooch.”
-Andy H.

“yes, great, straight-forward place to get a drink in my new hood.  facial hair, wool cardigans, glasses, boots and skirts, no frills, no food, just all booze, and places to sit while you drink your booze.  i ordered the bourbon stout, i think, which is bourbon and a milk stout.  mmm did it get my little body buzzed or what?!  and then i went home and passed out.

use-ta be cash only, now they’re all about the iPad swipe-ys.”
-Kris R.

“The Double has instantly become my new favorite spot. Great atmosphere, nice crowd, awesome drinks (you MUST have a purple moon). Did I mention Leroy is my new bestie–the sweetest pup you will meet.

Also, there is a lot to be said about the decor and the atmosphere. Ambiance is very well maintained (yes, even with the televisions). Ample space and seating to come for an intimate date or with a group of friends. Warm chocolate tones, wood throughout, and the antiqued brass (I’m guessing?) ceiling all contribute to the very comfortable feel of The Double.

Finally, great variety of music played via iPod, Laptop… There is something for everyone.
Must visit if you’re in Logan Square.”
-Cydney H.

Specialty Cocktails Any Hermosa Resident Will Love

Cocktails are serious business and at The Double, we don’t want to offer the same old cocktails you can get at any bar, so we have created a selection of fine specialty cocktails for our Hermosa patrons and anyone else who would like to try. Each cocktail offers our own special twist on a traditional drink and you won’t find it anywhere else in Chicago. We’re the top bar for Hermosa residents looking for good cocktails in Chicago and that is thanks to our wonderful cocktail menu and knowledgeable staff. Next time you are in the mood for a delectable cocktail because to try The Double first.

To see our excellent selection of cocktails click here.

hermosa loves the double's cocktails

Hermosa Residents’ Best Bar for Spirits

The Double carries a wide selection of top-shelf spirits and liquors for our Hermosa patrons and all the others. No matter your spirit or liquor of choice we have a great selection to choose from. The Double takes pride in offering the best selection of top shelf spirits in liquors in the area.

  • Barrel Strength Spirits
  • Kentucky Bourbons
  • Single Malt Scotch
  • Irish Whiskey
  • Tennessee Whiskey & Others
  • Rye Whiskey

To see The Double’s full selection of spirits available to all Hermosa residents, click here.


Monday: 6PM – 2AM
Tuesday: 6 PM – 2AM
Wednesday: 6PM – 2AM
Thursday: 6PM – 2AM
Friday: 6 PM – 2AM
Saturday: 6PM – 2AM
Sunday: 6PM – 2AM

The Double has the best customers!

The Double is so well known for its vast selection of quality beers and spirits that customers from many different Chicago neighborhoods flock to it. Some nearby neighborhoods include: