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The Double

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Best Drink Specials for Discerning Bucktown Residents

The Double Drink Specials

chalkboard of beer specials featured at the Double Urban Tavern

Best Craft Beer Bar for Bucktown Residents

Drink connoisseurs from Bucktown know to head to Logan Square’s best bar, The Double for Chicago’s top selection of craft beers. Located at 3545 W Fullerton Ave., Chicago IL, 60647. Our craft beer selection is extensive and our staff is quite knowledgeable. The Double carries the top selection for the following types of beer:

  • Draft Beer
  • IPAs & Pale Ales
  • Belgians & Belgian-esque
  • Wheat & Whites
  • Pilsner & Lagers
  • Amber & Brown Ales
  • Stouts & Porters
  • Dessert Beers
  • Trappist/Abbey
  • Bottles to Share
  • Light Beers

To see the full selection of the best craft beers The Double has to offer for residents of Bucktown, take a look at the full beer menu. Our knowledgeable bartenders and servers are more than happy to assist in selecting a beer to suit your tastes.

the double is bucktown residents top bar for craft beers

Bucktown Residents’ Favorite Spirited Beers

Bucktown knows to head to The Double when they want the best selection of spirited beers on the Northside. Each spirited beer is a combination of one of our quality craft beers and a liquor. A nice tall spirited beer is the perfect way to end a long day, so residents of Bucktown often stop by to enjoy drinks like Instant Bourbon Stout or The Angry Lion.

To see the full list of spirited beers The Double has for Bucktown residents, click here.

bucktown residents know the double is chicago's best bar for spirited beers

Reviews for The Double

“Halfway between a neighborhood bar and a cool kid spot, the double is reasonably priced, nice taps and laid back without the crappiness of a dive. They always have a great playlist of indie hip hop, elcetro etc. A quality establishment in a low key spot.”
-Kyle S.

“This bar is within stumbling distance (my favorite type of distance). Local Chicago beers on tap which are reasonably priced. I’m a vodka drinker, and I’m impressed by their selection of top shelf. They have Belvedere AND Death’s Door. Most go-to vodkas at bars are Grey Goose and Ketel One. The bartenders are friendly and even remembered my name after only one visit! The clientele are friendly and talkative and mostly people who live in the neighborhood. There is a juke box, but you don’t need one seeing as the bartender’s have good playlists (AKA not top 40 or anything you’d hear on the radio).”
-Amanda H.

“My favorite place in Logan Square.  It used to by one of my closest bars. Recently moved but I owe them adequate review.
Perfect combination of hight quality service, beers,  music with laid back atmospheres.  My wife loves their cocktails.  She always ask for something sweet and  bartender never disappoints.
Music…. many times used SoundHound app to find the song they played.  Prefect.”
-Derrick P.

Specialty Cocktails Any Bucktown Resident Will Love

At The Double, we take cocktails very seriously and mix some of the best and most unique cocktails in Chicago. In addition to traditional cocktails, we offer versions with our own unique twist that you’ll be sure to love. Our specialty cocktails cause many people who live in Bucktown to visit our bar and call it their favorite bar in Chicago. Next time you stop in be sure to try one of our top notch cocktails.

To see our cocktails click here.

best cocktails in chicago logan square's top bar

Bucktown Residents’ Best Bar for Spirits

We carry a fine selection of only the best spirits and liquors available throughout all Chicago. All the staff at The Double wants to make sure that each and every one of our guests from Bucktown enjoys their visit to The Double. Our wide selection of top shelf spirits and liquors ensures that there is something for everyone at The Double. Our collection of spirits includes:

  • Barrel Strength Spirits
  • Kentucky Bourbons
  • Single Malt Scotch
  • Irish Whiskey
  • Tennessee Whiskey & Others
  • Rye Whiskey

To see The Double’s full selection of spirits available to all Bucktown residents, click here.

chicago's best spiritts, bourbons, scotches, whiskeys and vodkas for bucktown


Monday: 6PM – 2AM
Tuesday: 6 PM – 2AM
Wednesday: 6PM – 2AM
Thursday: 6PM – 2AM
Friday: 6 PM – 2AM
Saturday: 6PM – 2AM
Sunday: 6PM – 2AM

The Double has the best customers!

The Double is so well known for its vast selection of quality beers and spirits that customers from many different Chicago neighborhoods flock to it. Some nearby neighborhoods include: