Best Bars in Logan Square

There’s nothing better than discovering your next favorite bar in Logan Square. The right bar can set the tone for different evenings, including for hangouts, dates, meetings, and endless other social gatherings. While there are many choices available in the Chicago and Logan Square areas, The Double Tavern stands among the top choices for any daytime or evening occasion. In this article, we’ll discuss one of the best outdoor bars in Logan Square, what happy hour in Logan Square at the Double Tavern has to offer, and what makes The Double Tavern stand out amongst the rest.

Logan Square Neighborhood

There is something for everyone in Logan Square. The area boasts a thriving community home to and welcoming to all numbers and kinds of musicians, artists, and the indie spirit itself for any interested visitors to this unique area of Chicago. Logan Square has much to offer visitors looking to visit, spend some time, and get to know more deeply a new area of Chicago that has a distinctive urban vibe and creative energy that make it a go-to destination for the area’s locals and any new local-hopefuls. There are so many reasons why those who visit keep coming back if not stay and put down roots as another valued local.

Logan Square area includes the stately Logan Boulevard in the heart of Logan Square. It also has beautiful limestone homes and views of the Illinois Centennial Monument. Built by Henry Bacon, the architect who also built the historical and statuesque Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C., the Illinois Centennial Monument is a beautiful local commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Illinois’s statehood. For a vintage movie house experience, also visit the historical Logan Theater which shows everything from cult classics and first-run films to some indie favorites. The theater also has a cozy lounge area that you can relax in during your stay. 

Original Logan Square Bars

During your time in the Logan Square neighborhood area, one of the top ways to spend some of your visit time is by stopping in at the area’s exciting and eclectic range of bars and lounges. You can find everything you’re looking for in a bar and lounge scene, including under-the-radar and local band venues, cocktail bars always ready with the next trends to set, and the current up-and-coming distilleries and local breweries. To pair with your Logan Square bar experiences, be sure to try some of the neighborhood’s unique dining options, including funky noodle shops, Michelin-rated stops, pizza places that have a cult following, and exciting new fusion concepts.

As to the best Logan Square bars, The Double Tavern is a spot to be sure and not miss out on for its range of quirky or timeless cocktails, options for delicious spirited beers, and range of new or classic draft beers, IPAs, ciders, lagers, and stouts. Whatever your taste range or willingness is to experiment and find a new favorite, there’s a flavor-filled option just right for you or you can enjoy a night full of different options to explore with a group of your favorite friends, coworkers, or the special person in your life. It’s one of the most colorful, welcoming Logan Square bars for any goths, social climbers, punk rockers, hipsters, blue collars, meatheads, and geeks alike.

Double Urban Tavern Bar Scene

Embrace all the versions of you, the double sides of you, and the interests you didn’t know you had while you sit and enjoy one of the best bars in Logan Square. Show up with some of your favorite people or take a chance and meet some new acquaintances and unexpected friends while you hang out and sip. At the Double Tavern, you also don’t have to choose between either the vintage chandelier and urban tavern vibes inside and the beautiful and historic scenery outside in Logan Square. The Double Tavern is also one of the best outdoor bars in Logan Square, so you can relax and have both scenes of Chicago love and color.

The Double Tavern name itself comes from the different interesting and inspiring definitions of the double self. There are many definitions of the double self, including experiencing an altered state of being while drinking, (characterized by a separation of identities that can feel like an out-of-body experience), as well as a state of inebriation viewed by many cultures historically as the highest version of human consciousness. Other definitions of the double self-identity are a mirror image of yourself thought to be reminiscent of the parallax phenomenon (the direction or point of an object differs from alternate positions), and having deep conversations with oneself.

Happy Hour in Logan Square

There’s even more to love when you visit Logan Square during happy hour times. The Double Tavern has some fantastic happy hour special options to choose from. You can always try something new or explore Double Tavern’s best new deals during its next happy hour time. There’s a full bar of options and much is fair game, from specially-priced shots of different liquors to discounted pitchers of any number of the different beers. 

The Double Tavern also offers a selection of some of the best craft beer in Logan Square, with bartenders available to help you decide on a new beer to suit your unique tastes. You can also try a sample of the high-quality spirited beers, including some Logan Square favorites such as Purple Moon, Rye Ask Rye, and others hailed by many locals as the best in Chicago!

One of the Best Outdoor Bars in Logan Square

For one of the best bars in Logan Square with that ideal outdoor option to share and find inspiration from, as well as endless drink choices to choose from, don’t miss out on The Double Tavern. Make sure to prioritize a visit the next time you’re in the area or make it the right choice for your next Chicago weekend destination.