The Double Tavern

Welcomes all paying

 mods, goths, burnouts, strippers, democrats, republicans, independents, social climbers, punk rockers, b- girls & boys, non-believers, believers, metalheads, hipsters, blue collar, no collar, hippies, meatheads, swingers, freaks, geeks, wannabes and candy asses.

An Urban Tavern in Chicago’s Logan Square

dou·ble | dou·ble, the

n. and adj.

1. An altered state of being brought on by drinking, characterized by the separation of identities or described as akin to an out of body experience. a. Personalities assumed while intoxicated. b. A condition of inebriation designated by various cultures throughout history to constitute the highest form of human consciousness.

2. A mirror imaging of the self, thought by some to be in a manner reminiscent of the parallax phenomenon, wherein the point or direction of an object appears to differ when viewed from alternate positions. Obs.

3. Deep conversations with oneself. Col.